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EPISODE 203:Is It Satisfying?

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Join Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown in this lively and insightful episode of All The Answers as they dive into the nuances of personal growth, financial wisdom, and the importance of following one's inner truth. Katie shares a profound realization about her own career, inspired by a friend's bold decision to leave a successful yet unfulfilling path. This leads to a broader discussion on the importance of listening to one's inner voice and making choices that align with personal happiness and authenticity.

Cassidy and Katie also explore the mindset differences between various economic classes, highlighting how wealthy individuals approach spending and investments. Cassidy reveals his newfound understanding of financial strategies and shares his personal experiences with managing money and making smart investments.

The episode takes a humorous turn as the duo discusses the lighter side of life, including a funny fart video and the joy of simple pleasures like playing pickleball. They also touch on the complexities of relationships, commitment, and the importance of setting personal boundaries.

Tune in for an episode filled with laughter, deep insights, and practical advice on living a life that feels true to yourself. Whether you're seeking financial wisdom, personal growth, or just a good laugh, this episode has something for everyone.


(00:00) Welcome to that spiritual, actual, factual answers to questions you ask

(02:22) There's a difference between how really rich people think about money and middle class thinking

(08:00) How are you going to meet your next romantic partner through the podcast

(10:59) I have so many actor friends who are desperate for commercial work

(15:14) I quit being a successful commercial actor to teach at Stanford University

(19:11) Mhm: Teaching is hard. And what if my business doesn't work

(23:14) There have been times where I've shifted my attitude around that class

(25:51) Big one that I acknowledged today, I'm way less ticklish now

(28:24) A funny video meme involves a man farting into a tube

(31:00) Rami Margron is traveling Europe with a friend whose parents were Nazis

(37:45) How are you with gratitude? I live in it all the time

(41:58) You say your system is the thing attracting toxic men

(46:12) You talked about your friend recently and her energy around misfortune was different

(50:38) You say you should have said glean instead of gleam

(54:43) Cassidy, two questions about wealth that come up. One is do you want to win a billion dollars

(58:21) So I would love to make a billion dollars, because immediately I go

(01:01:49) The main thing that haunts me is just aging

(01:02:34) Uh, so let me ask you three questions about staging: Is it satisfying enough

(01:03:48) Let me ask you three questions. Is moving furniture satisfying? Yes. Does it make you feel more like yourself

(01:04:57) All right. Let's all do our work, but also have a lot of fun

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