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EPISODE 181: Why Aren’t You Ready To Listen To This Podcast?!

Katie has a theater company and gofund me to boost it!

Welcome back, friends! This time around, thanks to a sweet listener letter that arrives, Katie and Cass do a deep dive into Spiritual Fraud and the ways spiritual leaders can misuse their power and position with vulnerable clients and students.

Before that, however, we explore these ideas: Life is time + pressure, don’t rush it, War Sux and the fact that Cassidy’s current play is GOOD, but that doesn’t mean it’s FUN.

Love you guys! Keep on keepin’ on!

All The Answers is a podcast about Consciousness, Friendship, The Akashic Records, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality, Comedy, Enneagram, Human Design Starring Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown, featuring Guests and your energy.

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Special Thanks to Safiya Fredericks for all the preparation.

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