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EPISODE 171: Plastic Surgery For The Soul

Hi, friends! Welcome back! This week, the team explores the 8-Mile Defense. Meanwhile, Cassidy is in a play, the team discusses Distractor Implants, Moderation in Moderation and what the Pisces Moon is about.

Actress Anna Ishida is today’s guest and with her we discuss: Cultural Appropriation or Homage, Utopian Bonafides being unassailable, Intent vs. impact and we take a deep dive into her Human Design, and the bitterness projectors experience!

Hop on in friends! We do this for YOU after all.

All The Answers is a podcast about Consciousness, Friendship, The Akashic Records, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality, Comedy, Enneagram, Human Design Starring Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown, featuring Guests and your energy.

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