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EPISODE 160: The 3 Card Spread Paradox

Hi, friends! This week on the cast, Katie gets the same 3 card spreads over and over and over and over aaaaaand OVER again. Additionally, Katie is doing some EMDR to ride out the storm... literally.

Katie and Cass both work with a very cool, European Food Intuitive and share their respective experiences.

Cassidy gets a little clearing on his food detox withdrawals, and you ALL get a little light from those who bring the light!

Hop on in, friends!

The water is... watery.

All The Answers is a podcast about Consciousness, Friendship, The Akashic Records, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality, Comedy, Enneagram, Human Design Starring Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown, featuring Guests and your energy. Go to Katie Rubin .com FB/IG/T @allanswerspod Send your questions to,, maybe we’ll answer your question, maybe we’ll just get you on the show to ask it yourself. Join the facebook community for great conversations with like minded individuals.

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