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All The Answers


Episode 155:Soften Your Heart

Updated: May 24

Hey hey friendly friends! This week on the Cast, Cassidy launches some money into the ether and Katie talks about the difference between getting egoic permission vs. soul permission. Meanwhile,

Katie realized she needs to “show up” for her man since she recently “bullied” Marcus into getting spiritual

Once in The Records, Katie asks the record keepers to communicate with Cassidy's accidental PayPal distributee and return his transfer, and Marcus Fucking Crespo gets some clarity about a recurring dream!

Hop. On. IN, love bugs. This one’s cool.

All The Answers is a podcast about Consciousness, Friendship, The Akashic Records, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality, Comedy, Enneagram, Human Design Starring Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown, featuring Guests and your energy.

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