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Episode 75: PFAGLES

Featuring - Listener Questions

Katie Sounds Fantastic!

Poop Square

Do Your WORK Out Your Shit

Covid Boofing


True, Kind, Necessary?

Smug and Arrogant

38:50 - Akoshik/Meditation/Prayer - Katie takes some questions from the mail bag and will receive the light off air.

Beep It would like to hold more money and have her clients “get it”, but it’s not up to her control.

Where do you take your fears?

Keep It wants to know what the next steps toward deepening her connection to spirit.

Beep It: 1) Lifes and Souls Missions on earth. 2) Steps towards successful entrepreneurship That benefits people and Mother Earth. 3) Qualities of business to integrate in order to shine out into the world.

Beep It is asking for guidance in helping explain her spirituality to the 3D world AND Herself!

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