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All The Answers


Episode 54: GGG

Featuring Katie, Cassidy, & Desmond!

There is a few minutes of interference near the beginning, but no worries, it clears up pretty fast and does not return, thank you, Des The Engineer.

Coming to you from Desmond's back yard, we’re all present; Katie, Cassidy, Desmond, Squeez’l The Dog, Chip, and Diesel. We got mic bleed, 5G interference, birds chirping, dog barking, it’s ALL there. Enjoy this in person recording from All The Answers.

We never quite got into the Records today, we teased it, but the in-person conversation just kept rollin’, sorry, not sorry.

Cassidy in Airlock! Katie in The Bay! Harlem?

Good, Giving, & Game?

Pussy Wizard, or Cock Warlock?

Processing; externally, or internally?

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