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Episode 30: Blern Granston

...or, The Vectoral Relationship Between Cassidy’s Face and Katie's Asshole.

Well, If you listened to Episode 23 - Gern Blanston, you know that, The Day, is approaching, which is why this installment is coming at you a few days early. If this weekend should somehow raise the level of what-the-fuckery to a new level, we felt you all had the right to know, what you do with the knowledge is up to your own free will. Katie talks about her reality transmitting difficult information and Cassidy and Des discuss their anxiety in having this information transmitted to them. Katie opens the records to ask for some clarification one more time, and then we love each other until the credits roll...

Check out the facebook community page to discuss this and all episodes of All The Answers. Katie Rubin .com

FB/IG/T @allanswerspod or write directly to and maybe Katie will answer your question through the Akashic Records.

Thanks for the listens and support, Please tell a friend, and check out these other shows at Sounds Awesome, or wherever you find fine, free podcasts.

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