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Episode 22: Matriarchs aren't born, They're grown, with joy…

Katie and Cassidy chat about Human Design and why maybe we don’t all have to make the next “thing” from scratch. Then Katie opens the records for a friend and answers how she may build a matriarchy, with joy…

**Wonderful listeners, we will be releasing every other Saturday through August while Des the Engineer catches up. We will be back to the weekly record reading by early Fall, thanks for the listens and support, Please tell a friend, and check out these other shows by Sounds Awesome.

Truth Not Trends - Jesse and Liam, Two strength coaches with personality interview guests and keep your body moving while being sheltered in place.

Time Pop - Ari and Des talk about a time travel movie, Lots of episodes to choose from.

Apocalypse Now - Scott, Calum, and Des discuss films about society surviving a rough patch, not unlike the one you’re currently experiencing, except more zombies, hopefully.

Please Listen, Subscribe, Rate, Review, AND Tell a Friend!! Brought to you by, Sounds Awesome!

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