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Episode 108: Slap, Slap, Boop!

This week on the cast!

Katie is offering a nice big Mercury retrograde healing for YOU and the collective. Sunday the 15th at 6pm est. just $65 Venmo: @katietherubin to hold your spot.

Meanwhile, Mercury Retrogrades right up Cassidy’s Ass. Cass gets a new agent, whom you have all met, if you’ve been listening. At the same time, Katie stands up for herself and it feels great.

Topics discussed include: Abandoning Hope Is Not Hopeless Katie is having resistance to resisting sugar. Katie and Cassidy only talk on the podcast, and talk about it, on the podcast. Katies Travels Everything Everywhere all at once Cassidy is not sleep masterbating, we think Talk to the record keepers about “Caleb”

Katie has some upcoming classes you should think about attending to get your light on. Go to Katie Rubin .com for some retrograde light.

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